About the author...

Marilyn Kahr was born and raised in a small town in Northern California. She currently lives outside of Sacramento with her longtime partner, their beloved pets, and a rich fantasy life. She welcomes all reader responses to her book at MarilynKahr@gmail.com.

The Book of Desire - Anne

Marilyn Kahr
Paranormal Romance
eBook $2.99  (ISBN 978-1-944916-90-9) Exclusively at Amazon
Paperback $13.99 (ISBN 978-1-944916-91-6​)

The Book of Desire is opened…

Anne is a complex young lady living in a small and simple town. With her parents gone and high school over, Anne is the only one who can answer the question everyone keeps asking: what next? With a heart that longs for love, and a growing hunger for its adventures, she sets out on a soul-searching journey to find her answer in exotic Mexico.

What Anne discovers south of the border is beyond her wildest dreams; and that’s saying a lot. For years, she has recorded her daily private fantasies in her journal. It’s the first time that she has set the journal aside, as the unusual supernatural love affair becomes her life.

Will Anne find herself after she reads the ancient book she has stumbled upon, or will she lose herself in the empty pages at the end of The Book of Desire? Either way, she will never be the same.