David M. Kelly and a very happy Kyla.

Adam Dreece and the latest addition to his family, Louie.

Beth Gualda and her sweet rescue, Buddy.

At one time, Michael R. Stern was the youngest SPCA Director in the country. His dedication to animals is nothing short of stellar.

Since Megan O'Russell is a traveling actor, she can't have a furry friend of her own. But her love for animals leads her to make new canine and feline friends wherever she goes.

L.G. Surgeson couldn't get her cats, Ocean and Terminal Curiosity, to pose with her for a picture. Perhaps someday she'll convince them.

Paws for a Tale

A Sudden Insight Publishing Anthology

Various Authors

Short Stories

eBook (ISBN 978-0-9907280-8-5) 

Paperback (ISBN 978-0-9907280-9-2)


All profits from this book will be donated to the SPCA, in honor of all of the wonderful things they do for abused and abandoned animals.

Eight short stories from eight indie authors. While these stories tie-in to a series or book the authors have previously published, they all stand on their own.

  • Michael R. Stern tells us just what God created in "Selections from The Gospel According to Saint Skeeter".
  • Megan O'Russell shares the origin of one of the most enigmatic characters from her The Tethering series in "The Forgotten Gray".
  • Adam Dreece tells us more about Richelle Pieman in "Snappy & Dashing", a companion tale to his The Yellow Hoods series.
  • L.G. Surgeson shows us the creation of a Black River Chronicle continent in "At the Birth of Light: A Creation Myth from Another World"
  • J.K. Norry brings us into the world of the First Walker in "The Walker's Way", a companion tale to his Walking Between Worlds trilogy.
  • Beth Gualda shares a sweet story about what an angel can do for you during a heat wave in "Summer Snow", featuring characters from her Moonlit Wings series.
  • Linda Deane tells the story of Angelica, a very special cat with a very special mission, in "Ice Angel", a selection from her Angel Cats series.
  • David M. Kelly shows us how a dog can keep you young in "How Much Is That Doggy?", a selection from his Dead Reckonings and Other Stories collection

Linda Deane and Angel, the cat that inspired her series.

Meet our anthology authors and their pets

J.K. Norry and Ximena, the dog that inspired the anthology.